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StatNano was established in 2010 as a gateway to the latest information and statistics in nano-based Science, Technology, and Industry. The mission of StatNano is to monitor the status of nanotechnology development and policies in the world. StatNanos main objectives are: 1. The collection, processing, and dissemination of information about nanotechnology development in different countries around the world; 2. The international and regional ranking of countries and institutions in the field of nanotechnology-based on various indicators; 3. Information gathered to guide activities and policies on nanotechnology development. Working to the objectives, it provides information for our target audiences that include but is not limited to the researchers, policymakers, and managers of public organizations, universities, and industries active in the area of nanotechnology. E-mail: [email protected]
KindCongress lists scientific conferences from all over the world keeping professional conference organizers (PCO), speakers and attendees up to date with the latest conferences from a wide range of sciences. Conferences register to be seen by potential attendees and speakers. And speakers can register to get invited by conferences.
About WRFASE: World Research Forum for advances in Science and Engineering (WRFASE) is the most advanced global platform for Researchers, Scientists, Scholars, Students, and Industry Professionals from around the world to present their current research and foster alliances with peers. WRFASE is a paramount body which has brought technical revolution and sustainable development of Science and Engineering. WRFASE is registered under a Not for Profit organization (NPO) that has always emphasized on quality assurance and authentication. The Forum organizes various seminars, technical conferences, and workshops at different parts of the world to reduce the gap between curriculum and practical implementation among the students. The official website is :