Design and Development of Rockets

Session Track 11:- Design and Development of Rockets

The Science, Technology, Creation, Testing, and analysis of Aircraft and Spacecraft are the main topics covered in this branch of engineering. Included are space propulsion and planetary mission design. is any object that uses a Rocket engine to produce thrust, such as a spacecraft, aircraft, vehicle, or projectile. The sole source of propellant used in rocket engines is carried inside the rocket itself. Because they propel themselves forward by rapidly ejecting exhaust in the opposite direction, rocket engines may operate in the vacuum of space. They operate by action and reaction.

  • General characteristics and principles of operation
  • Development of rockets
  • Spacecraft
  • Delta
  • Launch vehicle
  • Space station concept
  • In space station: Early concepts and plans
  • Rocketry
  • In history of technology: Military technology
  • Space exploration
  • In space exploration: Oberth
  • In space exploration: Preparing for spaceflight
  • Development of space organizations


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